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Trial Location

Golf Cart Rental

Please call Deb 775-265-1771



Practice Field

Good News! We have practice fields again.

Pounding Paws Ranch

Text Ed at 562-212-2313

Bitterbrush Stock Dogs

Text Lisa at 775-790-1970

(Sept 12, 19, 20 & 21 only)

Camper Van

Handler Camping

On-site camping is available to handlers.


  • Arrival Info

    • Campers will be able to arrive at the trial camping field as early as Monday, September 19th. 

    • The 1300 Buckeye Road is the camping location.

    • This is the ranch office - of course the fields do not have an address.  As you turn North on Buckeye Rd, you will proceed several miles and see the beautiful Park Ranch fields on the right (South).  The first large field on the RIGHT will be for Camper/Volunteer parking. 

    • There is plenty of space and good ground for everyone. Please check in with attendant when you arrive.  Please pull into field, and be mindful not to back traffic up on Buckeye Rd. 

  • Water/Sewage

    • It is a good idea to have your campers topped off with water (and sewer dumped) prior to arrival.  There is no onsite water on the field.  At arrival you can sign up for water and sewer services.  You will pay the company directly when that service is rendered.  It is a high elevation 4,700 ft, so make sure you also consume plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.


It is with great gratitude that we have been welcomed onto the Park Ranch for our event.  With that said David Park has requested that we keep our impact to the working ranch/farm as minimal as possible.   


-NO vehicles on crop fields alfalfa or onions AT ANY TIME. 

-NO vehicles on nursery field. Golf carts and ATV’s can be parked around the edges of the field.  Nursery Parking for vehicles, right across Buckeye  Please walk dogs across road on a leash. Be careful!

-Open field is the second turn on your right (past campers)off of Buckeye - this access road will be to public parking, cart/atv parking, and handler            parking. We ask that golf carts and ATVs NOT use Buckeye Rd(from camping field), but use marked cart/atv path on the Northern most field to                     access road and open field parking.

RV Service Locations

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