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History of the area

Minden, the seat of Douglas County since 1916, was named for a town in Westphalia, Germany, where the founder of the D.F. Dangberg Land and Live Stock Company, was born in 1829. The company established Minden in 1905 to provide terminal facilities for the Virginia and Truckee Railway, which was then extending a branch line southward from Carson City. The passenger and freight depot was situated at this point.

Dangberg Ranch.jpg

D.F. Dangberg Land and Livestock Company

Founded in the 1850's the Dangberg Land and Livestock Company eventually grew to 48,000 acres, the largest in Douglas County. The Dangberg family focused on ranching cattle, pigs, and horses; plus growing hay and butchering livestock.

There is a 5 acre park around part of the ranch that visitors are welcome to visit.

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