Who doesn't like a little guessing game?


Select the number for what you think the qualifying cut-off points for the Open class will be. Please see the list below for numbers already selected.


We are allowing 2 bids per each number, so if you want to be the only person in a spot then purchase 2 spots ($20) otherwise, you may be sharing that spot with someone. Whichever number is closest to, without going over, will get 50% the total pot (25% each if 2 different people have the same number), the Finals will keep the other 50%.


For Example: Last year the cut off was 29.2 points. If your bid is 29.1 and there is no 29.2 then you'll win.


We will use the cut-off number as of September 1st, which is the last day for withdrawal with full refund.

Remember, when making your guess, points are calculated to the 10th place.

To assist with educated guesses, here are the cut-off over the past few years.

2017, held in VA 29.2 points

2016, held in CO 22.6 points

2015, held in CA 11.2 points

2014, held in CO 7.6 points

2013, held in VA 24.6 points

2012, held in OR 16.8 points

2011, held in CO 19.6 points